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Belts and Quivers added! (19 Aug 2017) Initial pass of belt / quiver mods added. With this update, all items except maps and jewels are now supported. Will likely start working on jewels next.

A new shareable link function (accessible from the item menu on the left) has been added, allowing you to share item analysis data directly. A new variants overview has also been added for items with 2 or more variants, which should help in figuring out the min / max rolls of an item. Finally, the search algorithm and support for / pastes has been improved, which should result in more accurate (fewer variants) results.

Amulet and Rings added! (17 Aug 2017) Initial pass of ring / amulet mods added. Several master mods are still missing and will be added shortly, but rings and amulets should now be mostly supported. Fixed multiple bugs with the affixes.

Added a new variant stats display that should hopefully make figuring out whether to divine the item a little easier.

Minor bug fixes (14 Aug 2017) Tweaked the hybrid searching algorithm to make it smarter when dealing with POE client pastes (that don't identify if a mod is crafted). Also fixed multiple affix typos.

Rings and Amulets update will be coming in a few days! Note: This update seems to have broken compatibility with Edge, so I am disabling it for now

Initial Beta! (13 Aug 2017) Path of Info (POI) is an item tool for Path of Exile. By pasting item information either from in-game (hover over the item and press ctrl-c) or from trade indexers like and, POI will be able to determine the prefixes and suffixes of the item. For items with hybrid mods, the tool will display all variants of valid mods, and allow you to reduce the number of variants by pasting additional versions (through the use of divine orbs) of the same item.

The aim of this tool is to allow users to quickly identify the min / max rolls of an item. Unfortunately, due to how it works, only item pastes in English are supported right now.

[Beta v0.1] has basic support for item pastes from POE, and Legacy mods, essences, unique / magic items, jewels, maps, quivers, rings, amulets and belts are not yet supported.

Expect bugs! If you find something broken please post the problem along with the item paste text in the forum thread.
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